重庆时时彩app:360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission

  • 360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission

    广东时时彩群 www.qj77o.com.cn 360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission

  • John Hancock Observatory

    John Hancock Observatory

  • Piso 103 guardaaaa!!! no mires para abajo jaaaaa!!!

    Piso 103 guardaaaa!!! no mires para abajo jaaaaa!!!

  • Hancock Observatory East View

    Hancock Observatory East View

  • Chicago Sprawl

    Chicago Sprawl

  • John Hancock Building

    John Hancock Building

  • Gold Coast View

    Gold Coast View

  • Looking Down at Lake Michigan Coast

    Looking Down at Lake Michigan Coast

  • View of Navy Pier

    View of Navy Pier



  • Chicago

  • 1 day



Family friendly
Enjoy fantastic aerial views
Instant Confirmation
The best views of Chicago can be yours at 360 Chicago (John Hancock Observatory)! Perched 94 stories above the Windy City, the 360 Chicago provides commanding views of Lake Michigan and Chicago’s towering skyscrapers, including Willis (Sears) Tower. Located in the heart of downtown on Michigan Avenue, the observatory is steps away from other top Chicago attractions, and with inclusions like panoramic touch-screens and interactive educational kiosks, it will be the high point (literally) of your Chicago trip!

With mobile tickets, simply scan your phone for direct entry into 360 Chicago.

If you want to extend your tour to day and night and observe Chicago at both times of day, upgrade to the Sun & Stars option, good for two visits.



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With your admission to the 360 Chicago (John Hancock Observatory), step off Michigan Avenue and into a high-powered elevator that will take you on an exhilarating ride to the 94th floor at a speed of 20.5 mph (33 kph). The observatory provides unbeatable views of Chicago at all times of the day: Go in the morning or afternoon to admire the expansive blue of Lake Michigan, go at sunset for a romantic moment, or go at night when the city becomes a sea of twinkling lights.

More than just the tip of a tall building, the 360 Chicago (John Hancock Observatory) offers several activities to complement the pretty view. Explore Chicago through the best technologies such as interactive screens that allow you to zoom in and out of famous locations across the city and test your knowledge on digital challenges. The guide is available in five languages as well a version with commentary designed for kids.

If you need to catch your breath, head to the observatory’s BAR 94, where you can take a break with an Italian coffees, gelato, cocktails, or the delicious café menu.

Upgrade: Additional admission options are available to make the most of your visit.
  • The Sun & Stars option is good for two visits (valid for 48 hours) to the observatory providing opportunity to enjoy Chicago views by both day and night
  • The TILT option offers access to this brand new attraction of outward tilting glass 1,000 feet above the Magnificent Mile. This is the first of its kind in the world and offers unique, downward facing views.
360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission
360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission
360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission
360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission
360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission
360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission
360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission
360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission
360 Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Observatory) Admission


360 Chicago on Michigan Avenue

9am to 11pm (last arrival at 10:30pm)




1. 订购成功后,我们会通过E-Mail将[电子票(Voucher)]发送到您的邮箱,您也可以登录会员中心,在订单详情中查看[电子票(Voucher)]。
2. 请在旅行当日携带确认的[电子票(Voucher)]和有效身份证件到指定地点参加活动。
Confirmation will be received at time of booking
Wheelchair accessible



Admission ticket

Admission to TILT, if option selected at time of booking


Food and drinks (available to purchase at the observatory’s cafe)



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  • mhe10752015-08-15

    I went as it was getting dark. Beautiful watching all the lights come on throughout the city and the outlying areas.

  • Patricia O2015-08-10

    Beautiful view! Less crowded than the Willis Tower and the views are comparable.

  • Nicholas M2015-07-13

    Great view of city

  • King Charles B2015-06-18

    This tour was amazing!

  • QUOC N2015-05-22

    Great views on a clear day, but not exactly 360 degrees due to the considerable amount of construction a good portion of one side of the observation floor was closed off for construction. In addition, the walk leading up to the elevator area was literally a construction zone - walking between tarps and under scaffolding, with the sound of hammering and drilling all around!

  • Nicole M2015-02-27

    This tour was amazing!

  • Anita R2015-02-27

    The staff at 360 Chicago were helpful and courteous. The observation was enhanced by the screens that helped us identify landmarks; the creators of this feature are to be commended. Parking was easy; we also appreciated the guest discount for parking. We'll definitely return to 360 Chicago!

  • Priscilla G2015-02-19

    I always enjoy my visit to Chicago!!! It is my home town and I come back to visit every few years. I enjoyed my visit to 360 Chicago very much. It was an unbelievably clear, clear day so I enjoyed it even more. I didn't have enough nerve to try the "tilting" enclosure, but, it was still a great day. Everyone that I dealt with was very nice.

    Priscilla G., San Francisco Bay Area

  • vanessachan382014-12-03

    Beautiful view! We came at 9pm and the night view was fantastic. It's unfortunate that we're not allowed to bring a tripod, otherwise, we could have shot some great photos. There are some bright lights in the observatory that causes a reflection on the glass in some areas. It would be nice if they were dimmer so we could enjoy the view better. I would still recommend checking this place out for first time Chicago visitors!

  • Stanley H2014-10-20

    Great views of the river and city.

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